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ylliX – Delayed PayPal payments

Unfortunately our PayPal account is currently under review by the PayPal team, therefore we are unable to process payments until the matter is resolved.

The review process should take up to 1 – 5 business days, after which we should be able to send payments as usual.

In case you need to receive your payment(s) sooner, please cancel your pending PayPal payment(s) and change your payment method to a different one – we recommend Bank Wire for payments above 250 USD, or one of our crypto payment methods (BTC, ETH, DOGE, USDT, DASH, ZCASH).

Namers advertisement on front page of Times of India gets a lot of coverage online

Since 2010, the domain investor owning this blog network has faced criminal defamation by well paid liar government employees like nayak, caro, mandrekar, hathwar, kodancha, goan bhandari fraudster pritesh chodankar, naik, puneet, tushar parekh, j srinivasan, vijay, who are falsely claiming that all the paypal revenues are gifts from NRI relative to steal her resume, get their relatives government jobs with the stolen resume, when actually she is paid by ad networks, domain buyers and for content. The government agencies are complaining about the website content, when the domain investor is only complaining about the massive financial, domain ownership fraud of government agencies on her since 2010.

Namers.com which sells premium .com domain names advertised on the front page of times of india with their premium domain names, mainly .com
Like all genuine domain sellers, namers.com has the domains in their name and pays the domain renewal fees annually, will transfer the domains to the domain buyer. Most domain sellers in India are keeping a low profile, so the decision of namers.com to advertised got them a lot of coverage in many of the domain blogs. With swetha venugala of dngear.com selling bolt.xyz for $70000+ it would be interesting to find out how much the premium domains are selling for

In contrast, since 2010, the government agencies, inidan tech, internet companies have been falsely claiming that the domains of the domain investor, a private citizen belong to the well paid powerful government employees like j srinivasan,mhow monster puneet, tushar parekh, vijay, her engineering college classmates and their lazy greedy fraud girlfriends like bengaluru brahmin cheater nayanshree, sindhi scammer naina premchandani, associates who have never paid any money for the domains in their life, hate and criminally defame the domain investors to get their girlfriends, associates raw/cbi jobs
Domains are not free, the domain investor is paying Rs 4-5 lakh annually for the domain name renewals, the raw/cbi employees faking domain ownership do not pay a single rupee, yet the domain ownership fraud continues, with government agencies making fake claims about domain ownership for 11 years

Can the government agencies explain why well paid government employees are falsely claiming to own the domains of a private citizen who they have never contacted or helped in any way, criminally defaming her, to ruin her reputation, blocking online payment