Spreading false rumors about online advertising revenues is another fraud of indian tech and internet companies

While online publishers were making plenty of money in 2010, the advertising revenues have drastically declined especially cpm/ppc revenues in the last 10 years.
In all other sectors, the salaries of professionals, income of business owners has increased in the last ten years, only cpm/ppc revenues have reduced to less than one hundredth of their value in 2010, in most cases, the revenues do not cover the cost of domain renewals
Yet showing the lack of honesty and humanity of the indian tech and internet companies, they continue to dupe greedy government employees that owning a blog or website is very lucrative, so that these greedy officials, waste taxpayer money to harass the website or blog owner

Non-paypal ad networks are paying much better for low traffic websites

One of the trends which most of the popular bloggers are not covering, is that Non-paypal ad networks are paying much better for low traffic websites
The domain investor is very frustrated by the extremely low cpm/ppc advertising revenues
So she is experimenting with various ad networks to cover domain renewal fees
Almost all of them are paying better than the paypal ad networks, which are showing zero revenues

Though advertising revenues are very low, dishonest indian tech, internet companies, officials, falsely claim that owning websites is very lucrative

In 2022, most online publishers are making very less money from ppc, cpm advertising, often less than $0.01 a month for low traffic websites
Yet showing how ruthless the dishonest indian tech, internet companies allegedly led by google, tata, officials are in cheating, exploiting domain investors they, falsely claim that owning websites is very lucrative to justify the harassment, financial fraud on online publishers, domain investors
In all other sectors, the salaries, income of professionals, business owners has increased rapidly from 2010 to 2022, only for online publishers the advertising revenues have decreased, and additionally the government is ruthless in its FINANCIAL FRAUD on some domain investors like the domain investor owning this and other websites. This decline in income and government FINANCIAL FRAUD, slavery forces domain investors to consider selling at least some of the domains to reduce the domain renewal fees

when online advertising rates are very low,there is no incentive to create high quality content

Those who expect high advertising CPM<PPC revenues should be aware that online advertising revenues are very low
For example in March, for bidvertiser the domain investor had 3393 page views, and zero income
In almost all other networks which pay using paypal, the revenues are similar, the monthly revenue is less than $0.1
$0.1 is Rs 7.5 which is a very small amount considering that each domain renewal is costing Rs 800 per year, and webhosting will cost more
For example newspaper rates are Rs 25 per kg, plastic/cardboard rates are Rs 20 per kg
So even if a person will sell 0.5 kg of plastic/cardboard scrap from their house they will make Rs 10, which is more than the monthly revenues for websites with approximately 3300 page views especially those paying with paypal.
So instead of spending time increasing CPM or PPC advertising revenues, marketing their website, creating online content,some investors will find it better to collect and sell all the scrap they have in their home.
while the internet companies are very stingy in paying publishers for advertising, the local scrap dealers are far more generous in paying Rs 10 for scrap. Screenshots of the various advertising accounts can be provided.

Selling raddhi/scrap shows how online advertising is manipulated to favor rich and powerful, block revenues for exporters

The rich and powerful in india have everything,. money, social status, they are not denied their fundamental rights like the domain investor without a legally valid reason, their correspondence is not robbed by the greedy goan extortionists robbers riddhi, siddhi, sunaina without a legally valid reason.
Yet despite their excellent life and lifestyle, there is no limit to the extreme greed of the rich and powerful in india, for more than 12 years, Rs 5 crore of taxpayer money has been wasted annually to force a single woman engineer to agree to identity theft
All other indians are allowed to make money selling their product or service to other indian citizens, to force the single woman engineer to agree to identity theft, destroy her self esteem completely, the single woman is not allowed to make a single paisa online from indian citizens despite investing a huge amount of money online, Rs 4-5 lakh every year.
Anyone who even tries to purchase anything is threatened, so they are forced to stop and every transaction of the single woman online and offline is closely monitored.
Since 2010, the mhow monster ntro employee puneet did not allow the single woman to even sell raddhi, making fake allegations of black money due to which the house is very congested. Now the single woman is slowly selling the raddhi, and the great fraud of the indian internet sector in blocking payment is exposed. For 4 kg of newspaper, the raddhiwala will pay Rs 100, but the fraud loving indian internet sector, will not allow her to even make Rs 100 from selling text links, banner or other advertising, making fake claims about domain, website ownership, black money allegations and poor quality work
When customers outside india are paying for advertising, the government agencies are falsely claiming that their employees frauds who do not pay any money for domains, own the websites of a private citizen in a clear case of criminal defamation forcing the real domain investor to paste disclaimers.

CCI case confirms that newspapers are making less money online from advertising

While the mainstream media has potrayed google as the ideal company which can do no wrong, in reality google has ruthlessly destroyed the life of a large number of competitors online as well as offline. Link sellers like the domain investor owning this website network have found that their advertising revenues have decreased since google is allegedly extremely vicious in criminally defaming the link seller to destroy credibility, revenues
The offline advertising revenues of newspapers in india has greatly reduced based on the comparison with old newspapers available, and the online advertising revenues are very low based on information which is publicly available. The complaint states that google has not specified the total advertising revenues it collects from each website, and the share it gives each publisher.
Additionally google is allegedly openly involved in extremely shady business practices, financial fraud on link sellers, online publishers directly or indirectly humiliating and defaming them, falsely claiming that high status frauds like greedy gujju stock trader amita patel, sindhi scammer school dropout naina premchandani,her scammer sons karan,nikhil, goan bhandari scammer sunaina chodan, haryana mba hr ruchika kinge, indore robber deepika, greedy goan gsb housewife robber riddhi nayak caro, and other frauds who do not spend any money on domains, own the domains of the link seller to destroy the credibility of the link seller.

One of the best indications of the ruthlessness of google in destroying the income of a large number of people, is that the domain investor, who is also an experienced webmaster, writer is making less money monthly than an illiterate caretaker or construction worker, despite working for 8 hours daily because the government is falsely claiming that the domains, including this one is owned by google, tata sponsored gujju, sindhi, goan frauds, who do not spend any money on domains yet get a monthly government salary only for MAKING FAKE CLAIMS of domain ownership