Twitter faces advertising revenue loss after Elon Musk takeover

Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter is widely covered in the media
One of the features of the takeover is that there is loss of advertising revenues, as allegedly top brands are pausing their advertising
Advertisers like to target those who lead conventional lives, are married with families and children
Though he is extremely wealthy, Elon Musk does not lead the ideal life with a family, so advertisers may not be interested in being associated with the business since he and his family are openly boasting that they are very frugal
The domain investor also faces the same problem of loss of advertising revenues since 2012, because she does not lead a conventional life like other raw/cbi employees.
This exposes the fraud of the indian tech and internet companies who falsely claim that owning domains is very profitable, when actually online advertising revenues have declined to a large extent, because the domain investor is not married, and it is easy for her enemies to convince advertisers, ad networks not to advertise, or steal the ad revenues.