Billboard advertising sushant singh rajput in USA cancelled after the bipolar diagnosis of Suzanne Walker

One of the reasons why the case of actor sushant singh rajput is being closely followed because though mainly doctors think that actor sushant singh rajput had mental health problems, this has not affected the faith of his family, his fans, some government officials
In 2010-2014 a huge amount of indian taxpayer money was wasted to falsely prove that the domain investor had mental health problems, CRIMINALLY DEFAMING her, when she was leading a fairly normal life by indian standards, mainly because she was living alone. The main motive was to commit FINANCIAL FRAUD, CHEAT, EXPLOIT her, for the rest of her life.

According to western standards, people who are honest, cannot lie, and ambitious are considered bipolar. In kshatriya, rajput families, children are told that they should not lie, keep promises, honesty is valued, that it is the value system.
Many professionals retain the same value system for the rest of their lives while most brahmin, bania officials are shameless pathological liars, at least in the indian internet sector.
This is probably the reason why his sister shweta singh kirti got a refund for the billboard advertising sushant singh rajput in USA, after the bipolar diagnosis mainly by Suzanne Walker, was widely publicized. The agency said that they do not want to be associated, and gave a refund. Once a person is diagnosed as bipolar, it is often the end of the professional career of the person in USA, though it is normal in India.
The actor sushant singh rajput was mentally tortured using voice to skull technology, and he did not realize that technology was being misused to mentally torture him, resulted in additional problems
In India also it is very risky for a person who is mentally tortured, to contact any doctor like in the case of sushant singh rajput , the police usually have far more sympathy for indian citizens who are mentally tortured, though it is always dangerous to discuss the matter.

To cover indore ROBBER raw employee housewife deepika online, domain ownership fraud, advertising revenue blocked for her sister who indore robber deepika ROBBED

The indian internet and tech companies led by google, tata are aware that their indore ROBBER raw employee housewife deepika ( name changed) has never invested any money in domains in her life, she never had any online income at all since she is only COOKING, CLEANING for her crooked husband mahesh, does no computer work at all like other google, tata sponsored raw employees faking a btech 1993 ee degree from india’s top engineering college.

Yet in a form of CORRUPTION, BRIBERY exclusive to the indian internet sector, to reward the indore ROBBER raw employee housewife deepika for ROBBING her hardworking harmless sister who is the real domain investor, google, tata have got the indore ROBBER housewife deepika a monthly R&AW salary and are also making FAKE CLAIMS that the indore ROBBER housewife, who does no computer work, does not invest money in domains, owns the paypal, bank account, domains of her single hardworking sister, the real domain investor who deepika robbed

Due to the indian government ONLINE, FINANCIAL fraud on the real domain investor, a single woman she is making very less money, despite spending time and money doing work daily, while because of the indian internet sector FRAUD,CORRUPTION, the indore housewife and other fraud raw/cbi employees are rich with plenty of money, free time to lead a good lifestyle since they do not do any computer work, do not invest any money, yet FALSELY get credit, monthly salaries because of CORRUPTION, BRIBERY, NEPOTISM, FRAUD in the indian internet sector

To cover up the domain ownership fraud, R&AW/cbi are doing everything possible to reduce the advertising revenues of the real domain investor on whom they have committed a FINANCIAL FRAUD for the last ten years.

Google main beneficiary from ban on TikTok which was a major Youtube competitor

After the lockdown, Google thought that it would be the major beneficiary since people were working at home. However, it appears that most people in India switched to Tik Tok because the video duration was less
The advertisers are also following the audience, they will prefer websites which have more visitors . Tik tok was making Rs 37 crore daily in India according to some reports.
Google is ruthless in destroying competition, ten years ago, along with tata, it destroyed the life of all link sellers receiving paypal payment, using their stolen identity to bribe top security and intelligence employees with raw/cbi jobs for their relatives like nayanshree hathwar, riddhi nayak caro, sunaina chodan, siddhi mandrekar.
Now the link sellers are making almost no money, and video advertising is the latest trend. So realizing that they will not get anything from the broke link sellers, the focus is on video advertising, and Tik Tok ban is the first step in google’s attempt to completely dominate video advertising

Like the actor sushant singh rajput, the domain investor is also banned in India for advertising

The domain investor, a private citizen is closely monitoring the death of actor sushant singh rajput, since he was allegedly banned by all major film production houses in Bollywood in a tweet of KRKBoxoffice on 27 February 2020
According to our sources #Dharma #SajidNadiadwala #YRF #TSeries #SalmanKhan #DineshVijan #Balaji have banned #sushantsinghRajput! So now he can do web series or TV serials only. Superb!!
This highlights a major problem in many industry sectors in India, that some professionals are banned completely. The indian internet sector is far worse than Bollywood since people they ban like the domain investor do not get any kind of work offline and online. Though the domain investor is getting some advertising from websites outside india, in India, no advertiser has the courage to advertise on the websites
Similarly though the domain investor, a private citizen, is also one of the most prolific writers in india on iwriter (iwriter account 137870) and owns many domains, no indian business will deal with her, since powerful brahmin, bania officials have banned her. There are plenty of customers outside india for the domains, writing and advertising, yet in a FINANCIAL FRAUD RAW/cbi are falsely claiming that their CALL GIRL, robber, cheater employees with no online income, own the paypal, bank account of the domain investor in a government fraud

This banning of sushant singh rajput shows how kshtriya professionals, business owners are systematically banned by the brahmin, bania officials, companies, so that they get no paid work in india, and when they are paid their customers abroad, indian government is openly involved in FINANCIAL, BANKING FRAUD since 2010, which can be legally proved using income tax returns showing ads due to NTRO, R&AW FAKE CLAIMS about FRAUD RAW employee thane stock broker asmita patel

Though google, tata, ntro, raw, cbi are aware that FRAUD RAW employee thane stock broker asmita patel does not invest any money in domains, and has no domain, writing, advertising income at all, they continue to make fake claims that she owns the domains of a single woman domain investor, google competitor, to defame, humiliate, cheat and exploit the real domain investor, denying her a life of dignity.

It real domain investor is spending 8-10 hours daily doing computer work, spends Rs 4-5 lakh on domain renewals annually, yet the FRAUD levels in the indian internet sector are so high that the indian government, NTRO, raw continue to make fake claims about the google, tata sponsored thane stock broker asmita patel, who has never invested any money in domains at all.

It appears that is also duped by the fake stories about the thane stock broker asmita patel, the domain investor is noticing ads for whenever she is visiting for the last few days. Who will tell rediff and google’s tracking algorithm, that the GREEDY LIAR well paid R&AW employee asmita patel, has no domain investment at all though the fraud companies, google, tata have run their racket for the last ten years without being questioned.

Officially Goa government, security and intelligence agencies claim slim goan bhandari R&AW employee CALL girl sunaina chodan is advertising her SEX SERVICES online

Goa government, security and intelligence agencies officially claim slim goan bhandari R&AW employee CALL girl sunaina chodan is posting her SEX news on hundreds of websites
It appears that the shameless LAZY LIAR GREEDY google, tata sponsored goan bhandari panaji prostitute R&AW employee SLIM sunaina chodan, is not satisfied with the ntro, raw, cbi employees who enjoy her SEX services with the help of the google, tata PIMPs who are marketing the goan bhandari call girl to powerful government employees

So to attract new clients for her SEX services, the Goa government, security and intelligence agencies are officially claiming that slim goan bhandari R&AW employee CALL girl sunaina chodan is posting her SEX news on hundreds of websites online, and claims that R&AW is paying sunaina a monthly salary for posting her sex news on these websites

Goa wishes to beat pattaya in thailand to become the sex tourism hub of asia, so the goa government continues to pamper and reward the slim goan bhandari R&AW employee CALL girl sunaina chodan
Even the reddit user hypatianism noticed that the sex news of sunaina chodan was on hundreds of paid domains

After defamatory reddit post was removed, there are almost no ads

The defamatory reddit post of fraud reddit user hypertianism was used to question the mental health of the domain investor when it was a clear case of financial fraud. The officials who made the post were hoping to use it to grab the paypal, bank account of the domain investor using the defamatory post alone.
The ntro employees led by mhow monster puneet did everything to destroy the life and reputation of the engineer, her btech 1993 ee classmate who they hated. If he had any honesty and humanity he should not have interfered when fake allegations were made, since he did not wish to contact her directly. Anyone making fake allegations should have contacted the engineer directly and she would have handled the matter herself, protecting her interests and reputation.
Instead for 4-5 years, the mhow monster rewarded all those making fake allegations without proof, while denying the engineer any information so that she could defend herself. The cunning mhow monster puneet did this to create the false impression, that the engineer was so incompetent that she could not even defend herself against 100% FAKE ALLEGATIONS against herself, she was a doormat
The domain investor managed to get the defamatory reddit post removed, so the officials realized that she would challenge any allegations made against her she was not the doormat, which ntro employees falsely claimed she was after faking help for her. So they got the ads removed, and now there are almost no ads

24 hours escorts becomes the first advertiser for indian government SUGAR DADDY racket website

The COVID-19 pandemic has not made any difference to the indian government SUGAR DADDY racket with the indian government continuing to waste taxpayer money on the call girl, school dropout, cheater, robber, fraud sugar babies of top officials who do not spend any money on domains, paying them monthly salaries,falsely claiming that they own the domains, at the expense of the real domain investor who is broke
In addition to ensuring that all his girlfriends got monthly salaries, without spending any money on domains, one of the top sugar daddy ntro employees in india, mhow monster puneet also ensured that the real domain investor did not develop many of the domains, falsely claiming that he and his sugar babies, greedy shameless frauds, would purchase the domains, every year for ten years.
finally the domain investor realized that no one would pay for the domains, and is writing the story of the ten year old ntro financial, domain fraud on the domains being developed
If the domains are developed the domain investor may make a small amount of money, maybe $1 a year from each domain, since parking revenues at sedo are zero
Though R&AW, ntro, cbi, security agency employees did a very good job convincing all the intelligence and security agency employees worldwide with their domain ownership, online work fraud, slowly intelligence agencies are realizing that the government is involved in an online fraud. The Israeli, Turkish escort agencies are some of the few agencies who acknowledge the hypocrisy of the indian government in falsely claiming that its well paid government employees, own the domains of a private citizen
The Israeli escort agency, 24 hours escorts has become the first advertiser on the indian government SUGAR DADDY racket website. The escorts at 24 hours escorts are better looking than many of the indian celebrities who are featured online, at rediff and other websites, so well paid indian government employees are encouraged to check the website.

Other escort agencies and others who wish to advertise on the only website exposing the government sugar daddies, sugar babies can send an email to

After R&AW/cbi casting couch for jobs is exposed, mainly thai advertisers remain

Since 2010, ntro, raw, cbi have always ridiculed and dismissed all the complaints of the domain investor, falsely claiming that it is all lies, she is mentally unsound, it is all her imagination and that the domains belong to their their lazy greedy liar fraud employees who do not pay any money for domains, while criminally defaming the real domain investor in the worst manner to destroy her credibility
However the domain investor has published the proof available from a thai domain investor which claimed that sex bribes are taken for raw/cbi jobs
Many indians, especially well paid indian government employees go to thailand with their girlfriends to enjoy.
It appears that the raw employees are furious with the thai officials for leaking the sex racket, so ndtv had a report on how a huge number of thai sex workers are jobless because of covid-19 pandemic
It also appears that R&AW has blocked most of the advertising, only the thai advertisers have the honesty to continue advertising since they know the sex racket of NTRO/raw employees of falsely claiming that sex service provider raw/cbi employees who do not spend any money on domains, own the domains of a private citizen

Indiblogger no longer accepting submissions

A few years ago, Indiblogger was extremely popular among bloggers in India,
They had a large number of promotional offers, reviews in which the bloggers could participate, and get coupons, vouchers.
When the domain investor checked indiblogger, she found that it was not accepting any submissions, and there were no offers for the bloggers
It would be interesting to find out why it has stopped accepting submissions and collaborations with other brands