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Month: March 2018

NTRO harassment forces domain investor to reduce internet usage, viewing of online ads

In 2018, NTRO is like a rogue agency openly involved in financial, banking fraud, hacking of laptop, smartphones and other gadgets of harmless indian citizens, and labelling harmless domain investors, google competitors as mentally unsound, addicted to the internet if they use the internet for a longer period of time. The domain investor are then used for non consensual human experimentation which can cause great pain and great financial losses

It is also very difficult for the domain investor to end the non consensual human experimentation like memory reading because the officials involved cannot be identified or held accountable

So tired of the human rights abuses, financial fraud in the indian internet sector,and google ad stalking, the domain investor is forced to reduce internet usage, and she does not view may ads online

Google adsense revenue is used to control webmasters

One of the best kept secrets of the internet , is how Google is using adsense revenues to control webmasters worldwide. Those whose adsense account is closed should consider it a blessing in disguise, as they will be forced to used other methods for monetizing websites. An ex google employee had publicly indicated that some accounts are classified as high priority, because they may be connected to powerful officials.

Most of the internet related large forums in 2018 are owned by american companies and they follow the NSA/CIA standards of censorship of forum content, so any identity theft related news is deleted, and the account closed.
So some webmasters from other countries like India, Eastern Europe find that their account is closed, often without a valid reason

If these webmasters will open their own forum, they find it difficult to get members
One webmaster whose webhostingtalk account was closed, has not deleted posts exposing google’s financial, identity theft fraud. So the Google adsense revenues for the webmaster have declined, it is google’s censorship method.

Brands planning to reduce advertising online

There was a surge in online advertising initially due to hype as many brands were persuaded to shift part of their online budget online.

However led by google, which is the top online fraud company, involved in identity theft rackets, there is a lot of manipulation of data online, and often those who manpulate or rig the data are rewarded online, get fake references from fraud ntro employees like nayanshree hathwar, wife of a tata power special electonics employee are rewarded with R&AW jobs for online fraud, while honesty is more valued offline

So the large brands are reducing their online advertising budgets as they realize that their ads may not be viewed by human beings, yet they are being billed