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You Have to Keep the Customers Happy

For many years, I only had basic television through an over the air antenna. All of my other friends had cable, and they would all talk about the shows they watched, while I would be stuck wondering what they were talking about. Since I started working at a cable company, I now have cable, and I see exactly what they’re referring to when they mention shows. I don’t work under installations or anything like that. I made decision on how to increase customer numbers. I use the help of a data consultant company to come up with ways that will bring in more people, while keeping the customers that we already have.

A lot of people have complaints when it comes to cable companies. Either the companies don’t offer the channels they want, they get rid of the channels they watch, they charge them much more than they should be charged, or even increase the prices for service each year. I know that all of these things will prevent people from wanting to sign up, or from ever doing business with us again. Using data from the consultant company, I determined that it would be best to lower our prices a bit and offer a better introductory rate for new customers.

The other people in my department agreed that these changes needed to be made in order to keep our current customers happy and to draw in the new ones. Orders were sent to our ad department to create a new ad that would reflect these changes. They began working on something really creative that would grab everyone’s attention. The as started rolling out to television stations and through websites in a month, and the subscriber numbers went up quickly. We had a lot less complaints from our customer service line too.