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Billboard advertising sushant singh rajput in USA cancelled after the bipolar diagnosis of Suzanne Walker

One of the reasons why the case of actor sushant singh rajput is being closely followed because though mainly doctors think that actor sushant singh rajput had mental health problems, this has not affected the faith of his family, his fans, some government officials
In 2010-2014 a huge amount of indian taxpayer money was wasted to falsely prove that the domain investor had mental health problems, CRIMINALLY DEFAMING her, when she was leading a fairly normal life by indian standards, mainly because she was living alone. The main motive was to commit FINANCIAL FRAUD, CHEAT, EXPLOIT her, for the rest of her life.

According to western standards, people who are honest, cannot lie, and ambitious are considered bipolar. In kshatriya, rajput families, children are told that they should not lie, keep promises, honesty is valued, that it is the value system.
Many professionals retain the same value system for the rest of their lives while most brahmin, bania officials are shameless pathological liars, at least in the indian internet sector.
This is probably the reason why his sister shweta singh kirti got a refund for the billboard advertising sushant singh rajput in USA, after the bipolar diagnosis mainly by Suzanne Walker, was widely publicized. The agency said that they do not want to be associated, and gave a refund. Once a person is diagnosed as bipolar, it is often the end of the professional career of the person in USA, though it is normal in India.
The actor sushant singh rajput was mentally tortured using voice to skull technology, and he did not realize that technology was being misused to mentally torture him, resulted in additional problems
In India also it is very risky for a person who is mentally tortured, to contact any doctor like in the case of sushant singh rajput , the police usually have far more sympathy for indian citizens who are mentally tortured, though it is always dangerous to discuss the matter.