Get paid for every website you visit, watching videos

Now ad networks are finding it difficult to find online publishers with websites

In 2010, it was very easy to monetize websites, many publishers were making $3000 or more monthly including the domain investor. Ten years later, the income of the online publishers has greatly declined, some do not even make $1 /month from PPC, CPM advertising due to which almost no one is interested in starting more websites, since they have to pay a huge amount in domain renewal expenses.
Making videos, playing games, social media marketing is far more lucrative compared to starting a website monetized using advertising since there is no expense involved . Though the extremely greedy security agencies, ntro believe that they are doing citizens a great favor allowing them to start a website, in reality, a person has to spend time and money for the website.
If ntro is causing a great loss to online publishers because they falsely think that it is very profitable, no one will start a website, they will Make videos, playing games, social media marketing , since they will make more money for the time they spend. The greedy top ntro, raw, cbi employees are using OUTDATED, INVALID information when they harass online publishers, forgetting that advertising rates have greatly reduced in the last ten years

So earlier, ad networks, were very particular while approving websites, now they are automatically approving the websites.