Get paid for every website you visit, watching videos

Online advertising revenues depends on website promotion

One of the greatest frauds of indian internet companies, google, tata, ntro, raw, cbi is how they falsely claim that the websites will make a huge amount of money without doing any kind of computer work and they are doing a great favor to citizens allowing them to register a domain
In reality, the advertising revenues of a website depends on how much time the webmaster is spending promoting the website. The webmaster has to spend a lot of time getting backlinks from different websites, posting links, advertising the website
Even after this the advertising rates are very low, so it is better to do other work, like writing, though it is not a source of passive income to pay the domain renewal fees.
In the last 3-4 years, the domain investor has completely stopped promoting the websites due to ntro/raw/cbi domain ownership fraud making fake claims about greedy gujju fraudster asmita patel, sunaina chodan so the traffic has reduced in almost all the websites.
Till the indian internet sector, google ends it financial fraud on risk takers,domain investors, wasting time to promote websites is very risky for the financial fraud victim.