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Advertising revenues for website blocked because DISHONEST listed indian internet company allegedly making falsely claiming to own it

The website belongs to a private citizen, single woman engineer, who registered it in 2005, and alone has been paying all the expenses including the domain renewal, webhosting expenses, content.

Yet indicating high levels of fraud in the indian internet sector, a DISHONEST listed indian internet company is allegedly making falsely claiming to own it, through its fraud associate karnal, haryana R&AW employee mba hr ruchika kinge, though it has no proof of ownership at all.

This fraud of the indian internet company, indm (name changed) is causing great losses, because R&AW is allegedly misleading all the ad networks with fake claims of website ownership. The domain investor had used an ad network, she is finding that the revenues are not recorded at all for the website, allegedly because of the website ownership fraud. For other domains, websites, for visitors, some amount payment is shown, for the revenues are zero for more than one month.