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Month: May 2021

Newspaper advertisements in goa greatly reduce during lockdown

The local newspapers in goa, navhind times, herald and times of goa goa edition, depend on local advertisers to some extent
During the lockdown the number of advertisements in the newspapers has greatly reduced.
Usually there are atleast 3-4 classified columns for jobs, property in goa
Since May 9, 2021 when lockdown in panaji started the number of advertising columns has greatly reduced
The websites of the newspapers are also not designed to maximize their revenues, since their webmasters do not have much experience in website monetization
In goa experienced webmasters are criminally defamed in the worst manner, and the local intelligence and security agencies falsely claim goan call girls, sindhi scammer school dropouts, robber housewives and other frauds with no online income , are online experts to get them monthly government salaries
The domain investor is criminally defamed in the worst manner, yet her advertising revenues are fairly consistent since she has no local customers, almost no indian customers