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Month: July 2021

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In the area around many colleges and universities a housing concept being built for student housing are individual units with three or four bedrooms sharing a common area that includes a living room, kitchen, and other amenities. There are generally additional features which include exercise areas such as weight rooms, basketball courts, and tennis courts. These units offer more privacy and flexibility to the student than a traditional dorm room setting and is more economical and less hassle for the student than renting an apartment and then looking for a roommate. Edinburgh student accommodation offers an alternative for housing geared to the post graduate student has been developed by a company called

This company has repurposed the “English flat” in seven properties located near the University for the use of students coming from within the country and abroad. These units offer the student the ability to have a safe place to live while studying with housing costs fixed and stable since the room rental cost includes utilities and internet. The bedrooms are completely furnished with furniture, mattresses, and bedding. The tenants have access to bathroom facilities equipped with electric showers.

The common kitchen area is fully equipped with built in electric appliances, exhaust fan, microwave, refrigerator/freezer unit, small appliances, in addition to a washing machine and drier. Also included are dishware and utensils.

The flats are also safe and secure featuring an entry phone system, secure locking front door, fire extinguishers and emergency lighting systems. All bedroom doors are equipped with the most advanced security locks provided by a private locksmith which cannot be copied by anyone-only the management can get keys cut.

All in all, these accommodations offer an environment which is both homey and functional for the post graduate student that allows comfort with the quiet and facilities to study effectively.