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Guest Post Collaboration for your Website – Maanvir Jaglan

Maanvir Jaglan is sending emails, yet he is not able to sell any advertising at all even on DA 30+ blogs. If anyone has sold advertising through him please contact at

I’m sure you’re busy, but if you could respond to my email below, I can cross this off my list.

On Saturday, August 28, 2021 at 8:25 PM, Maanvir Jaglan <> wrote:


I would like to bring to the table that I am an experienced Outreach Specialist working with 40+ clients and providing Blogger Outreach and Content writing Services to them monthly. It is my job to offer them great websites like yours, having high-quality content and excellent metrics so that my clients can get a backlink from them.

I surfed your website, and I would say that it depicts your severe and sincere handwork to maintain your website with outstanding traffic and DA. I am an expert in Off-page SEO, and I have delivered extraordinary results for my clients. And I wish to maintain that image by doing regular collaborations with web admins.

I would like to work with you and provide you with a good amount of orders for Link Building which will help us get a mutual benefit from this relationship. Indeed, every hard work pays off. The same case goes with the bloggers who work hard to get this kind of traffic on their website, and they get paid in terms of guest posts that they do on their website.

Also, I am a freelancer, and my client’s needs are everything to me. And I meet their requirements before the deadline. So yes, you can call that my punctuality.

I hope to seek a solid and healthy relationship with you. So, please let me know if you would be interested in collaborating with me for a long-term association. If we can proceed further, I would align my hard work to get orders for your websites as soon as possible.

Thanks & Regards,

Maanvir Jaglan

Digital Marketer | Outreach Specialist