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Google ranking websites with incorrect content high, because of social status adversely affecting online advertising

One of the reasons why people trust print media more and it gets more advertising, because they make some effort to verify the accuracy of content.
In contrast Google ranking websites based on social status of the webmaster in india, not on accuracy of content
For example for captcha typing websites google is ranking incomepedia of sudhir sheoran highly for the search results, though the content is not correct in many cases
For example one captcha typing website is not paying using paypal, yet the incomepedia continues to give incorrect information and is ranked well in google search. In contrast the domain investors websites are factually accurate, yet because the corrupt greedy goa government employees openly involved in government SLAVERY, financial fraud, have criminally defamed her in the worst manner, goa is not ranking any website.
Google and the search engines are making the fundamental mistake of linking criminal defamation with accuracy of content, just because CORRUPT greedy indian, goan government employees are criminally defaming the hardworking domain investor to CHEAT, EXPLOIT, ROB her and get monthly government salaries for their lazy greedy fraud relatives like goan bhandari sunaina chodan, robber riddhi nayak caro, without doing any kind of computer work, it does not mean that the content written by the person criminally defamed is not correct