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Google contractors/hackers blocking even $0.01 advertising income

While the US and most other ad networks are showing zero revenues despite thousands of page views, the russian ad networks are showing a very small amount. Yet indicating how ruthless google and its contractors are in reducing the income of the domain investor who they have cheated, exploited , robbed for 11 years , they are disabling advertising on the website, hacking it.
The domain investor has a website which is getting a small amount of page views, so to ensure that the domain investor does not make any money, the google hackers, contractors have disabled the ads,
After a few days, the domain investor noticed that an ad network which was not paying anything was showing page views, while the russian ad network was showing nothing. After checking the code and websites, she found that the russian advertising was not being displayed intentionally by disabling the code . This exposes the ruthlessness of the google, tata sponsored hackers, in addition to their financial fraud, government SLAVERY, they are also involved in cybercrime.