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After destroying link sellers google allegedly makes huge profits from Google adwords click fraud

Google has been very aggressive in destroying link sellers, so that anyone who wishes to advertise online is forced to use Google adwords. When newspapers like New York Times are quick to carry negative news about link sellers, the mainstream media refuses to cover the rampant click fraud in Google adwords to increase google profit
A large number of Google adsense publishers are using paid visitors, to increase the number of page views and in some cases revenues

The domain investor is a member of a few microjob websites for review purposes
In 2015, when some link sales were possible there was almost no work at the microjob websites, only 40-50 tasks were available.
For updating the reviews, the domain investor checked the websites again, and is finding that there are 1150+ tasks available in some of the websites.
Most of the new tasks are visiting Google adsense websites and clicking on the ads
It appears that google is not doing anything to end click fraud,and google adwords advertisers are also tolerating the click fraud, though they will not spend a small amount to pay for links
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