Due to NTRO/raw/cbi website ownership fraud, EXTORTION racket since 2010, advertising networks not paying real domain owner

Allegedly BRIBED by google, tata, NTRO/raw/cbi have been openly involved in a major website ownership fraud, EXTORTION racket falsely claiming that the domains of a private citizen, single woman engineer belong to their lazy greedy google, tata sponsored fraud employees who do not pay any money for domains,webhosting or other expenses.
Taking advantage of the lack of transparency in the intelligence agencies,there is a deal with almost all ad networks, that the page views of some online publishers will not be credited to their account, and it will be credited to the account of the publisher associated with the intelligence employees. To cover up the theft of revenues, the intelligence agencies especially in panaji, goa are criminally defaming the real online publisher in the worst manner so that no one questions the revenue robbery.
The domain investor is using multiple ad networks on the same website and is finding that there is a very great difference in the page views of the different ad networks