when online advertising rates are very low,there is no incentive to create high quality content

Those who expect high advertising CPM<PPC revenues should be aware that online advertising revenues are very low
For example in March, for bidvertiser the domain investor had 3393 page views, and zero income
In almost all other networks which pay using paypal, the revenues are similar, the monthly revenue is less than $0.1
$0.1 is Rs 7.5 which is a very small amount considering that each domain renewal is costing Rs 800 per year, and webhosting will cost more
For example newspaper rates are Rs 25 per kg, plastic/cardboard rates are Rs 20 per kg
So even if a person will sell 0.5 kg of plastic/cardboard scrap from their house they will make Rs 10, which is more than the monthly revenues for websites with approximately 3300 page views especially those paying with paypal.
So instead of spending time increasing CPM or PPC advertising revenues, marketing their website, creating online content,some investors will find it better to collect and sell all the scrap they have in their home.
while the internet companies are very stingy in paying publishers for advertising, the local scrap dealers are far more generous in paying Rs 10 for scrap. Screenshots of the various advertising accounts can be provided.