After exploiting, cheating the domain investor for 10 years, greedy goans get almost all advertising cancelled

During the 10 years the domain investor lived in goa, she was cheated, exploited, tortured, humiliated and robbed in the worst manner and at least 10-15 people got very good government jobs for faking computer work, domain investor
In goa, false rumors were spread that she was involved in an illegal activity and would be forced to come back to goa
The domain investor has lived in a metro city since 1989 without any problem, except in 2010, 2011, when she was used as a honeypot. Now that she is an ordinary private citizen, she is not facing any problem, so the greedy goans are cancelling almost all the advertising
There has been a drastic decrease in advertising revenues in April 2022, and it is expected to decrease further, though the greedy goans, sindhi scammers, are not giving back the jobs they had stolen from her faking bank account, domain ownership