CPM Ad networks being persuaded to rob page views for some publishers

After the PPC ad networks were giving zero revenues for some publishers including the domain investor, she has started trying CPM ad networks which are supposed to pay for every page view. Even in this there is a lot of cheating, some of the ad networks are not counting the page views correctly.
The domain investor is getting at least 1000 page views daily, yet the raw/cbi/ntro employees are persuading the ad networks to credit the domain investor for very few page views and using the other stolen page views to get paid themselves
One ad network is showing less than 33 page views daily and another ad network is only showing 66 page views (out of fewer total page views), the rest of the page views are being stolen by powerful greedy officials who are already making plenty of money, yet are ruthless in stealing the ad revenues from small publishers making very less money.