Massive diversion of PPC/CPM advertising traffic and revenues in online cybercrime

In one of the best kept secrets of indian internet sector, PPC/CPM traffic and revenues of domain investors, online publishers are being diverted to the rich and well connected officials, in a clear case of bribery. The online publisher is paying all the expenses, managing the website, and the PPC/CPM revenues and traffic are being diverted to well connected officials, in a sophisticated form of extortion
This leaves the online publisher with no incentive to develop or promote the website, since the domain investor will make very less money, usually one cent or less daily, while the well paid government employees are getting a passive income,cheating and exploiting online publishers in another case of government slavery.
This diversion of PPC/CPM revenues has started in 2014 onwards, and now online publishers are making almost no money, if they are not well connected, however, much they promote their website.