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Browser hacked to prevent registration at russian banner ad network

Google controls online advertising so completely that it is very difficult for some small online publishers to make even 5 cents a month though they may have 5000 page views or more using Infolinks, Bidvertiser, yllix or popup ad networks.
In comparison the russians are able to offer a small amount for unique visitors which allows small publishers to make 5 cents or more a month from banner advertising alone to cover domain renewal expenses. The domain investor managed to register at one banner ad network
Now she is trying to register at another banner ad network , yet she is not able to open the account despite trying repeatedly.
For each browser she is getting a different message , in some cases she is told that the account is already registered, yet there is a password error, and she is also not able to reset the password.
It appears that CIA, NSA or some technical intelligence agency is hacking the browser to prevent some indian publishers from registration and making a small amount of money.