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Raheelads offering ecpm of $0.04

Since 2010, some indian citizens are denied the right to equality, the investor will invest her money, spend her time doing computer work and the government is falsely claiming that the person who defames the investor the most, is the business owners, rewards the person defaming with monthly government salary and falsely claims that the person is an online expert
In addition to asking search engines to exclude the websites of the domain investor for exposing the government corruption, financial fraud, the government agencies have ensured that the advertising revenues of the domain investor are almost zero, for multiple ad networks like infolinks, bidvertiser, popads though the domain investor is getting more than 5000 page views monthly
So the domain investor is always looking for new ad networks , especially banner advertising to make some money. She is posting any banner ad she can, they also advertise new websites. Raheelads is a new ad network which is being advertised having an cpm of $0.04 . However, the ad network could not be accessed in india at present.