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Petsitters charge Rs 60-300 for taking a dog for a walk, advertising companies refuse to pay even Rs 4 for thousands of page views

In a clear indication of domain investors are looted, some online advertising companies are refusing to pay them even Rs 4 for thousands of page views
In contrast almost all other professions are being paid well for the work which is being done, time which is spent
According to pet sitters in india charge between Rs 60-300 just for taking a dog for a walk, and the walk will be completed within 15-30 minutes usually based on the observation of dog owners
In contrast to drive traffic to a website, a lot of time and money is being spent often 4-5 hours daily, yet the ad network refuses to pay even 5 cents (rs 4) for one month of showing their ads to thousands of visitors
Some professionals like Aashka James are doing pet sitting part time and charging Rs 500-1000 for 4 hours or more
Yet indian government agencies, tech and internet companies have the audacity to claim that online business with low revenues is very lucrative to justify their financial fraud on the investor, when dog walking and pet sitting is far more lucrative.