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RAW has blocked advertising on website for exposing government job for sex racket

Though the raw/cbi employees are not paying any for domains or other expenses since 2010, in one of the most audacious government job for sex rackets in the world, the government agencies are falsely claiming that their employees own the websites, paypal, bank account of a private citizen, single woman engineer, to pay their employees a monthly government salary while the real domain investor is criminally defamed in the worst manner
The sindhi scammer school dropout cbi employee naina premchandani, goan bhandari raw employee sunaina chodan, siddhi mandrekar are some of the main beneficiary of the government job for sex racket and have powerful boyfriends/lovers/sugar daddies working in government agencies. After almost all the writing work was blocked, the domain investor registered a new domain and registered her protest against the job for sex racket.
The website on government job for sex racket exposing sindhi scammer naina premchandani was getting some page views and government agencies have allegedly asked adsterra to block advertising on the the website, their ads are not being shown . Now some other ads will be shown