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Advertising network stops crediting domain investors account after they fail to find the ca

Most engineers do not have any finance background and are having a ca to manage their finances who has all the information about their investment.
It appears that the goan, sindhi, khatri, shivalli brahmin scammers wanted to find the complete details of the assets of the domain investor so that they could rob all the money for themselves and become even richer since bhandari leaders/officials usually cannot defend the professionals/investors against the fake allegations of greedy goan bhandaris CHEATER chodankar, naik, and other corrupt dishonest officials/leaders
Since the domain investor is making almost no money online due to lack of orders, and the income is only from investment, she is managing her finances herself
The identity theft , resume robber raw/cbi employees are very powerful, cunning, cheaters, they can persuade almost everyone to betray the domain investor, which they have done for the last 13 years since 2010 to become very rich and powerful, get no work, no investment government jobs in the indian internet sector.
The domain investor went to sbi to pay her advance tax by cheque using the standard form, the staffer ms jyoti refused to accept it, asking her to ask the ca to download the form from the income tax website.
The domain investor wasted her time, taking a printout of the form, and again going to the sbi branch for offline payment, she was told that the form is not valid. The domain investor has also noted that the advertising network, which was crediting upto 0.8 rubles daily has stopped crediting her account. Some investment details which were withheld were also delivered.