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Ad network now mentioning date of birth along with name due to government online fraud, identity theft racket

Due to government online, financial fraud, ad network now specifying date of birth with name
The top tech, internet companies, indian government agencies are openly involved in massive financial, online fraud on a hardworking single woman engineer, domain investor since 2010, allegedly falsely claiming that various raw/cbi/government employees who do not expenses, have her resume, savings, own their paypal, bank, online account to waste taxpayer money on these frauds
Since cia/mi6 were allegedly involved in the fraud, the fraud was not detected when the domain investor was receiving payment from us companies. Now that us companies have mostly stopped paying, the domain investor is working for anyone who is willing to pay, mostly european companies.
They have realized that the LIAR top tech and internet companies, indian government agencies are making fake claims about housewives, young frauds who do not do computer work, do not pay expenses like their powerful boyfriends allegedly from the btech 1993 class of iit bombay , yet shamelessly and falsely claim to own the domains and get monthly government salaries at the expense of the real domain investor.
Due to high levels of government financial fraud, the government blindly believes the domain fraudsters like greedy gujju stock trader amita patel, goan bhandari sunaina chodan, siddhi mandrekar and other young frauds like accenture employee short slim architect telugu trisha, who do not pay expenses, are changing their name and pays them monthly salaries at the expense of the domain investor
The ad networks realize that the real domain investor alone is paying a huge amount for domain renewals, so she alone should receive payment, so they have taken the trouble to find out the age of the real domain investor and are mentioning the date of birth along with the name for payment