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Advertising revenue reduces drastically if websites are not updated regularly

Since raw/cbi have allocated all text link advertising and writing work to its domain, banking fraudster employees faking online income, advertising revenues and domain sales are the main source of income for the domain investor who invested in a large number of domains mainly for seo purposes.
Though the fraud top government employees led by brahmin cheater j srinivasan, tushar parekh, puneet and vijay who have got their banking fraudster girlfriends and associates no work, no investment government jobs in the internet sector try to discourage the domain investor from posting , questioning her sanity, the fact is that the traffic to the websites will drastically reduce when the websites are not updated regularly.
The small amount of advertising revenues is the only passive income the domain investor is having after most of the text link and writing work was diverted to the banking fraudster raw/cbi employees faking online income, online investment. Since almost all the orders are robbed, it is not possible to get writing work and very less text link advertising is provided.