Get paid for every website you visit, watching videos

Due to theft of advertising revenues by well paid government employees, it is not worth developing websites

Publishing content online is not lucrative anymore due to theft of advertising revenues by the well paid domain, banking fraudster raw/cbi employees
Though government employees falsely claim that domain investing is free, in reality the domain investor is paying Rs 1000 or more for each domain. Additionally webhosting fees have to be paid and time spent creating content
Yet the domain investor does not even make $0.05 daily from the 100 developed websites due to revenue robbery
In contrast only for streaming radio, music on a cheap smartphone for 6 hours daily, the domain investor can make $0.086 daily
There is more money from streaming videos and other activities.
So it is not worth wasting money paying for domain renewals when well paid domain, banking fraudster are being allowed to rob advertising revenues, page views from online business owners, domain investor, private citizen, making losses, without a legally valid reason.