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Domain fraudster raw/cbi employees removing Adsterra ad code from the websites

Though they are getting a very good monthly indian government salary since 2010, the domain fraudster raw/cbi employees like haryana cheater ruchita kinge, pinkhouse partner greedy gujju stock trader amita patel with networth of more than Rs 100 crores,indore cheater deepika/veena do not have the honesty and humanity to legally purchase the domains from the domain investor.
Instead they are openly involved in cybercrime on the domain investor, removing the ad code from her websites so that she does not make any money from advertising
Showing that indian tech and internet companies are the greatest online fraudsters in the world, first these companies spread fake rumors that the domains belong to the btech 1993 ee classmates from iit bombay of the single woman engineer when these classmates all HATED the single woman, never helped her in any way with haryana
top fraud raw employee optum human resources manager ruchita kinge, pinkhouse partner thane greedy gujju stock trader amita patel being extremely GREEDY & RUTHLESS in their domain ownership, ONLINE FINANCIAL FRAUD
though greedy government employees tushar parekh,puneet,j srinivasan, vijay have never invested any money and are not helping in any way,since the indian government continues to REWARD its well paid employees for their endless FRAUD on hardworking single women who they HATE, to keep his kolhapur/panaji sindhi scammer SEX queen naina premchandani happy, the greedy gujju cheater tushar parekh has got naina’s cheater son pune axe bank manager nikhil premchandani, a raw job faking domain ownership, bank account since 2015 and great powers
The shameless sindhi scammers do not have the honesty and humanity to legally purchase any domain,open their own paypal, bank account like the other fraud raw/cbi employees faking domain ownership, instead they continue to use 100% FAKE RUMORS, SLANDER which the indian government blindly believes to waste indian taxpayer money paying monthly salaries to 10-15 lazy greedy fraudsters
Additionally due to the excellent SEX SERVICES of panaji sindhi scammer naina premchandani which top indian government officials enjoy,m the sindhi scammers have also got great powers getting control of the lucrative content and link sale services which are the misusing to block content and link orders for the domain investor in the last few months , forcing the domain investor to consider CPM advertising
yet even the cpm advertising code of adsterra is being removed from all the cpanel websites forcing the domain investor to use other webhosting

Since domain fraudster raw/cbi employees get monthly government salaries without paying any expenses,they are removing ad codes from websites

Though raw/cbi employes like greedy gurugram cheater mba hr ruchita kinge and goan gsb fraud housewife ROBBER riddhi nayak,greedy goan bhandari CALL GIRL sunaina chodan ( recently married to a photographer) n,do not pay any money for the domains like their cheater boyfriends puneet, vijay as part of the massive indian government online, financial fraud, these cheaters are getting monthly government salaries for falsely claiming to own the domains of a private citizen, single woman engineer these raw/cbi employees HATE,CRIMINALLY DEFAME
the cheater top government employee puneet is an excellent actor, was called “dev anand” in college for his excellent ACTING skills, so in one of the greatest financial frauds which the indian government refuses to end, he falsely claimed that his female btech 1993 ee classmate from iit bombay who he HATED, never contacted or helped, was a proxy for him, all her domains and savings belonged to him to destroy her reputation completely, when actually the domains, savings belonged to the single woman alone
He also encouraged his other classmates and other government employees to commit a similar financial fraud on the single woman and now the greedy government employees are refusing to purchase the domains legally, yet are falsely claiming to own the domains
Since domain fraudster raw/cbi employees like ROBBER goan gsb FRAUD housewife riddhi, haryana cheater ruchita do not have to pay any expenses,yet get monthly government salaries only for making FAKE CLAIMS, the revenues from the websites do not matter for these domain fraudster government employees .
In contrast the advertising and domain sales are the main source of revenues for the real domain investor,a single woman engineer who is victim of indian government CRIMINAL DEFAMATION, FINANCIAL FRAUD, SLAVERY since 2010. Yet the domain fraudster raw/cbi employees are removing all the ad code from the domains which they falsely claim to own, causing losses for the real domain investor.

Advertising completely blocked on website exposing ageism, lazy liar young frauds

The greedy government employees getting a very good monthly salary are extremely ruthless in their criminal defamation, financial fraud on hardworking private citizens who are above 45 years of age in a case of government SLAVERY, ageism and financial fraud.

Though the LIAR government employees like puneet , j srinivasan are aware that lazy liar young frauds are not doing any computer work at all, they are devoid of honesty and humanity, and have blocked text link advertising on the website exposing ageism, lazy liar young frauds completely so that their lies are not exposed.

Hence other advertising methods are being used.

More proof that ad views, revenues from are being stolen

Since the indian government agencies, tech and internet companies, refuse to end their domain ownership, FINANCIAL FRAUD on the domain investor, private citizen since 2010, using FAKE RUMORS that the domains of a private citizen belong to the well paid GREEDY LIAR government employees especially allegedly from the btech 1993 ee class of iit bombay like puneet, j srinivasan, vijay, tushar parekh who do not pay any money for domain renewals, , thet real domain investor is making huge FINANCIAL LOSSES
To keep the favorite CALL GIRLS, GIRLFRIENDS of top indian government employees happy, the indian government is falsely claiming that these call girls, girlfriends who do not spend any money on domains, own the domains of a private citizen,single woman engineer who they HATE
In addition to CRIMINALLY DEFAMING the domain investor, cheating her of Rs 15 lakh annually since 2010, the greedy government employees in indi are also ROBBING advertising revenues
In the latest case of advertising revenue, theft the advertising revenues from are being stolen by the greedy robber indian government employees
When the domain investor logged in the morning the account was showing 0.0531 roubles which were noted down
After some time, the balance suddenly decreased to 0.0521 roubles indicating that advertising revenues are being robbed

sindhi scammer brothers nikhil,karan premchandani got great powers, government job FAKING domain ownership and now blocking advertising, stealing advertising revenues

To keep sindhi scammer school dropout naina premchandani happy, the indian government is paying her scammer sons nikhil, karan monthly salaries faking domain ownership
Indicating the lack of honesty and humanity of the indian government agencies, which has left people worldwide shocked, the government agencies are making up FAKE STORIES to commit financial fraud on a hardworking single woman engineer since 2010, falsely claiming that she is a proxy for cruel cunning cheater top government employees who actually HATE her, while making up FAKE STORIES about lazy greedy girlfriends of top indian government employees like panaji sindhi scammer housewife naina premchandani who do not invest money in domains like her scammer sons.
To keep sindhi scammer school dropout naina premchandani, the real girlfriend of top government employees happy, the indian government is paying her scammer sons nikhil, karan monthly salaries faking domain ownership, online income, and giving the sindhi scammers great powers, while criminally defaming the single woman engineer, who is the real domain investor
So now misusing the great powers which they have got, the sindhi scammers are now blocking the advertising on the websites of the domain investor they cheated, robbing the advertising revenues from the websites of the single woman they cheated

R&AW/cbi want someone elegant to own the websites, steal advertising revenues, yet elegant greedy raw/cbi employees do not want to take any risk

One of the realities of living in india is that good looking high status well connected women do not have to work very hard, they can easily marry a rich man or get a very good job locally since they are well connected
It is only professionals,investors from poor communities who are CRIMINALLY DEFAMED,CHEATED,EXPLOITED, ROBBED by the greedy rich and powerful communities like the greedy goan bhandaris led by CHEATER chodankar,naik, shameless scammer sindhis, shivalli brahmins, gujjus, goan gsbs, indoris, haryana khatris promoting haryana khatri fraud raw employee ruchita kinge are ruthless, filing fake cases, so the professionals who are forced to work online, often long hours for very less money
It is time that raw/cbi end their great online, financial fraud , government SLAVERY and stop falsely claiming that their lazy greedy CHEATER employees especially greedy goan bhandari raw employee CALL GIRL sunaina chodan are not interested in taking the risk of investing in domains, and leave the real domain investor, a private citizen alone.

LUSTING for kolhapur/panaji sindhi scammer school dropout naina premchandani,top government employees BLOCK almost all advertising

sindhi domain fraudsters

Text link advertising blocked because of top government employees LUST for kolhapur/panaji sindhi scammer school dropout naina premchandani
kolhapur/panaji sindhi scammer school dropout naina premchandani

Though it can be legally proved that panaji sindhi scammer schooldropout naina premchandani, her scammer sons karan, raw employee banking fraudster bank manager nikhil premchandani, full time employee of axe bank in pune and LOVERS who are top indian government employees like tushar parekh, puneet, nikhil sha, parmar, did not pay for domains at all, indian government agencies continue to make FAKE CLAIMS of domain ownership to waste indian taxpayer money paying the sindhi scammers monthly government and DUPING companies, countries and people worldwide, while criminally defaming the real domain investor, a single woman engineer resulting in great financial losses
In one of the most innovative forms of government CORRUPTION, the well paid government employees are CHEATING, EXPLOITING, ROBBING the domain investor, getting government jobs for their greedy girlfriends faking domain ownership and online income.

So though the sindhi scammer naina, her scammer sons and lovers never paid any money for domains, never had any online income, they are getting monthly government salaries at the expense of the domain investor and great powers since top government employees LUSTING for naina have abused their great powers to make FAKE CLAIMS of domains ownership since 2014

Abusing these great powers, almost all the online text link advertising for websites has been allegedly blocked causing great financial losses for the real domain investor

Paid to surf website income highlights the extremely low online advertising revenues

Get paid for every website you visit

There is a definite cost of showing any advertisement online or offline to people, especially if they are likely to be interested in it
For newspapers,tv no one checks the CTR viewing is also having a cost
For the websites owned despite doing everything to increase visitors, getting more than 150 page views, it is almost impossible to make more than $0.02 from the websites daily,usually only $0.01 or less is credited
In contrast for paid to surf websites , the payment is much higher for the same number of page views
For research the 600 pages were viewed and the account was credited $0.14 for the page views in one day alone
So where are the page views from showing the ads disappearing ?

Instead of having a GREEDY government employee in india ROB advertising revenues without being questioned, it is better not to show advertising

Government employees ROBBERY of online advertising revenues discourages indian exporters
usually in every sector, the owner of the media channel is getting all the revenues from advertising since they are investing a large amount of time, money in hardware,equipment and content creation
Yet taking advantage of the lack of transparency in government agencies in the internet sector, it appears that well paid indian government employees who get a very good salary, pension, BRIBES and do not pay any expenses are ROBBING the online advertising revenues of small online business owners making a big loss without a legally valid reason.
The government employees have been allowed to keep any amount of the advertising revenues without being questioned at all
The domain investor noticed when one ad network she joined started providing detailed information about each page view she was being paid. After some time, the domain investor noticed that the page views were not being shown for days or most hours in the day.
So she realized that the page views were being credited to someone else , so instead of showing ads when she was not getting credit, she removed most of the ads. When the domain investor removed the ad code to avoid being ROBBED, her revenues have decreased,

yet it is better not to show ads and not get paid instead of showing ads and not getting paid because a well paid indian government employee who does not pay any expenses is ROBBING the advertising revenues.

Ad network has completely stopped giving credit for advertising views

Indicating how ruthless the tech and internet companies, government agencies allegedly raw/cbi are in reducing advertising revenues of domain investors who are victims of government SLAVERY, FINANCIAL FRAUD, on 17 March 2023 they have not given credit for any page view at all
The government employees getting a very good salary, pension,bribes have refused to purchase the domains since 2010, despite getting a monthly salary only for faking domain ownership, online income after CRIMINALLY DEFAMING the real domain investor
Additionally they are also robbing the low advertising revenues from the online publisher, so the publisher is not making anything at all
So now there is additional work of removing the ad code of the ad network which does not pay.