Money wasted in ineffective advertising

The domain investor who legally owns this website has been subjected to identity theft by the goan and indian government which was bribed by google, tata and is getting almost no advertising, to cause financial losses.
So despite her best effort, she is not able to get even Rs 50 new advertising on her websites on most days
Yet online and offline. most companies waste a lot of money on advertising which is not effective, or is simply of no use to the viewer
This clearly indicates that though companies are spending a lot of money on advertising, they do not manage their advertising properly

Online and offline advertising, effectiveness , expenses

Google is always threatening webmasters that their websites will rank poorly if any content is duplicated, however in the offline media and advertising, the same ad and content is repeated on the television channel or newspaper, hoping to get addditional viewers , readers or better recall .
This highlights the great power which google exerts on online content and advertising, where quality does not matter, spun junk content will rank highly, because the officials producing it like hathwar, kodancha are senior government officials in India
This blog will look at online and offline advertising strategies and compare the effectiveness of these methods