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Month: February 2024

Due to theft of advertising revenues by well paid government employees, it is not worth developing websites

Publishing content online is not lucrative anymore due to theft of advertising revenues by the well paid domain, banking fraudster raw/cbi employees
Though government employees falsely claim that domain investing is free, in reality the domain investor is paying Rs 1000 or more for each domain. Additionally webhosting fees have to be paid and time spent creating content
Yet the domain investor does not even make $0.05 daily from the 100 developed websites due to revenue robbery
In contrast only for streaming radio, music on a cheap smartphone for 6 hours daily, the domain investor can make $0.086 daily
There is more money from streaming videos and other activities.
So it is not worth wasting money paying for domain renewals when well paid domain, banking fraudster are being allowed to rob advertising revenues, page views from online business owners, domain investor, private citizen, making losses, without a legally valid reason.

Massive decline in page views immediately after payment due to online advertising fraud

After raw/cbi diverted all the text link advertising to their domain, banking fraudster employees like siddhi mandrekar,haryana gurugram fraud ruchita kinge, pune sindhi scammer axe bank manager nikhil premchandani who never paid domain expenses and blocked almost all text link advertising of the domain investor who the cunning cheater raw/cbi employees cheated, exploited, robbed, the domain investor decided to focus on cpm advertising.
yet there is a massive fraud in online advertising and the advertising rates or page views are suddenly declining as soon as a payment is received
The domain investor has powerful enemies who are determined to reduce her income to zero.
Usually the website network was getting 1100+ page views daily. Immediately after she received payment, she is getting only 500+ page views. This clearly indicates a major advertising fraud,some powerful company is able to reduce the page views of any online publisher whenever they wish.
Already the online publisher is making a huge loss due to government FINANCIAL FRAUD, SLAVERY, and now the page views are also being robbed.

Page views reduce drastically after payment from ad network received

In addition to the massive financial, credit card fraud, government SLAVERY, criminal defamation, the tech and internet companies are extremely ruthless in causing great financial losses to the online investor, worker who they have ruthlessly cheated, exploited and robbed for the last 14 years since 2010.
The domain investor was usually getting more than 1100 page views daily for the last 40 days.
Yet showing how the tech and internet companies are intentionally causing losses, the payment was received on 30 January 2024 and from the next day the page views have drastically reduced to less than 700 daily showing how ruthless powerful companies and officials are in causing losses to her.