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Month: October 2021

NTRO/raw have limited PPC/pop up income for publisher they cheated to less than $0.03/monthly

Since there is almost no writing work,the domain investor is checking different ad networks to monetize traffic to her websites
Everyone agrees that Popup and popunder ad networks are paying far more than CPM ad networks
Yet the domain investor finds that ntro/raw have limited the monthly income from the ad network to less than $0.03 for almost all the ad networks
However many websites are being added, the income is limited to $0.03 monthly for each ad network
While using a CPM network, the income is exceeding $0.03 so the domain investor is trying to figure out why the popup and popunder networks are giving such low revenues is the money diverted to some other publisher
The domain investor cannot login to her popads account where the income is slightly higher indicating extremely high levels of cybercrime.

Businesses advertising jobs for young people at panaji bus stand

Plenty of jobs for young people in panaji yet great goa computer work at home fraud continues.
One of the most shocking aspects of the great goa work at home fraud, is how the government is falsely claiming that lazy greedy young scammers, students, goan call girls like goan bhandari sunaina chodan,panaji role model scammer sindhi school dropout naina premchandani, who do not spend any time at all are doing computer work at home to pay them monthly salaries, while the older person actually working at home is criminally defamed in the worst manner by the corrupt greed goa government agencies.
In reality there is no reason why young people, who are physically fit, below the age of 30 should be working at home since there are plenty of opportunities available for young people outdoors and they also pay very well.
The domain investor also worked in offices when she was young, below the age of 30.
The business owners in panaji are finding it extremely difficult to get employees, they are posting their advertisements everywhere. The job advertisements are printed on A4 size paper and posted everywhere in panaji, on the walls, fences of building, on the bus stand
In fact at panaji market bus stand, there are at least 3-4 different job advertisements for young people, survey work, part time work, full time work, the age limit is also specified, below 30.
Businesses do not want to hire older people, so they work at home to make some money.Yet bribed by google, tata, the goa government continues with its great work at home fraud, falsely giving credit, monthly salaries for lazy greedy young scammers, housewives and other frauds who do no computer work at all showing why goa has the highest levels of corruption in india, confirmed by the ex-goa governor Satya Pal Malik in his interview with india today.
This exposes the fraud of the goa government which is falsely claiming that goan bhandari call girl raw employee sunaina chodan, siddhi mandrekar, sindhi scammer brothers karan, nikhil premchandani and other good looking young frauds who do no computer work, do not spend any time, are doing all the writing,website management work in a clear case of government SLAVERY.

Popads publishers not able to copy code,being automatically logged out

Compared to other ad networks, popads pays the best for low traffic websites
However, indicating how ruthless the internet companies involved in cybercrime are, they are automatically logging the domain investor from the popads account,so that she cannot make some money from the website
Since there is no writing work, the domain investor is focussing on making some money from the website, yet the cybercriminal internet companies are not allowing the domain investor to copy the ad code, and are wasting her time.
The domain investor has tried both browsers Firefox, Microsoft edge in panaji,goa , she is getting logged out almost immediately
This shows how ruthless the cybercriminal companies are in reducing revenues from advertising.
If anyone is facing similar problems or can fix it please send email to

After destroying link sellers google allegedly makes huge profits from Google adwords click fraud

Google has been very aggressive in destroying link sellers, so that anyone who wishes to advertise online is forced to use Google adwords. When newspapers like New York Times are quick to carry negative news about link sellers, the mainstream media refuses to cover the rampant click fraud in Google adwords to increase google profit
A large number of Google adsense publishers are using paid visitors, to increase the number of page views and in some cases revenues

The domain investor is a member of a few microjob websites for review purposes
In 2015, when some link sales were possible there was almost no work at the microjob websites, only 40-50 tasks were available.
For updating the reviews, the domain investor checked the websites again, and is finding that there are 1150+ tasks available in some of the websites.
Most of the new tasks are visiting Google adsense websites and clicking on the ads
It appears that google is not doing anything to end click fraud,and google adwords advertisers are also tolerating the click fraud, though they will not spend a small amount to pay for links
Kindly note that google, tata sponsored indore robber deepika, sindhi scammer schooldropout naina premchandani, her scammer sons karan, nikhil and other raw/cbi employees are not associated with the website in any way, though government agencies are making fake claims in a clear case of government SLAVERY

Google contractors/hackers blocking even $0.01 advertising income

While the US and most other ad networks are showing zero revenues despite thousands of page views, the russian ad networks are showing a very small amount. Yet indicating how ruthless google and its contractors are in reducing the income of the domain investor who they have cheated, exploited , robbed for 11 years , they are disabling advertising on the website, hacking it.
The domain investor has a website which is getting a small amount of page views, so to ensure that the domain investor does not make any money, the google hackers, contractors have disabled the ads,
After a few days, the domain investor noticed that an ad network which was not paying anything was showing page views, while the russian ad network was showing nothing. After checking the code and websites, she found that the russian advertising was not being displayed intentionally by disabling the code . This exposes the ruthlessness of the google, tata sponsored hackers, in addition to their financial fraud, government SLAVERY, they are also involved in cybercrime.

Google ranking websites with incorrect content high, because of social status adversely affecting online advertising

One of the reasons why people trust print media more and it gets more advertising, because they make some effort to verify the accuracy of content.
In contrast Google ranking websites based on social status of the webmaster in india, not on accuracy of content
For example for captcha typing websites google is ranking incomepedia of sudhir sheoran highly for the search results, though the content is not correct in many cases
For example one captcha typing website is not paying using paypal, yet the incomepedia continues to give incorrect information and is ranked well in google search. In contrast the domain investors websites are factually accurate, yet because the corrupt greedy goa government employees openly involved in government SLAVERY, financial fraud, have criminally defamed her in the worst manner, goa is not ranking any website.
Google and the search engines are making the fundamental mistake of linking criminal defamation with accuracy of content, just because CORRUPT greedy indian, goan government employees are criminally defaming the hardworking domain investor to CHEAT, EXPLOIT, ROB her and get monthly government salaries for their lazy greedy fraud relatives like goan bhandari sunaina chodan, robber riddhi nayak caro, without doing any kind of computer work, it does not mean that the content written by the person criminally defamed is not correct