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Text link ads are also a form of online advertising

Any information about a business, organization is a form of publicity and advertisement, yet in one of the greatest online frauds is how google is refusing to accept the fact that text link ads are also a form of online advertising, instead penalizing advertisers who purchase text links, falsely accusing them of manipulating search engine results

There are many advantages of using text link advertising compared to google adsense and other forms of advertising which are javascript or iframe based. These javascript and iframe based ads like Google adsense take a lot of time to load, and may contain malware. On the other hand, a text link ad, is a simple html ad, with an anchor text, url and html code. If the code is manually placed, the load on the server, time for accessing the website

Offline any advertiser selling a product or service can advertise on television, newspapers, magazines , the television channel will not carry a negative report on a business or company, just because the company is advertising on rival advertising channels like other television channels, newspapers, magazines, the advertiser has the right to chose the most suitable channel

However google is ruthless in destroying the life of those who sell text link advertising, treating them like criminals for selling text link ads competing with google adwords, when it is just an alternative method for displaying ads.