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Television advertising wasted due to unreliable cable television network

Compared to websites of some indian citizens which get almost no visitors and have almost no revenues, yet are almost always available for visitors because of the efficiency of the website admin, television channels in India which have a large number of viewers, remain extremely unreliable especially in small towns like panaji, goa, , causing losses to advertisers.

Most webmasters will make an extra effort to ensure that their websites are always available for visitors and also the software bots checking the website for uptime, to prevent a loss of revenues.
On the other hand, the indian television channels do not make an attempt to ensure that the cable television network is working, so often many people are unable to view their favorite programs. For example english news channels are not available in panaji, goa for a few months, yet no effort is being made to fix the cable tv network
Engineers who work in the indian internet sector, ensure that their websites are always available are wasting their skills, resources in ensuring uptime, as there are almost no advertisers, while television channels with plenty of advertising have extremely poor uptime, especially in small towns like panaji, goa due to lack of competent staff.
It also extremely difficult for a customer to contact the cable television provider and get any kind of help, the phone number of the customer support is not working .

Additionally the indian and goan government is wasting crores of rupees of tax payer money to ensure that engineers from the best colleges in India get no paying work in India, cannot work with cable televison or other businesses to improve their uptime and reliability as part of the identity theft racket on engineers from top colleges in india