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After defamatory reddit post was removed, there are almost no ads

The defamatory reddit post of fraud reddit user hypertianism was used to question the mental health of the domain investor when it was a clear case of financial fraud. The officials who made the post were hoping to use it to grab the paypal, bank account of the domain investor using the defamatory post alone.
The ntro employees led by mhow monster puneet did everything to destroy the life and reputation of the engineer, her btech 1993 ee classmate who they hated. If he had any honesty and humanity he should not have interfered when fake allegations were made, since he did not wish to contact her directly. Anyone making fake allegations should have contacted the engineer directly and she would have handled the matter herself, protecting her interests and reputation.
Instead for 4-5 years, the mhow monster rewarded all those making fake allegations without proof, while denying the engineer any information so that she could defend herself. The cunning mhow monster puneet did this to create the false impression, that the engineer was so incompetent that she could not even defend herself against 100% FAKE ALLEGATIONS against herself, she was a doormat
The domain investor managed to get the defamatory reddit post removed, so the officials realized that she would challenge any allegations made against her she was not the doormat, which ntro employees falsely claimed she was after faking help for her. So they got the ads removed, and now there are almost no ads