Fake enquiry for advertising by google contractor

Google and its contractors have sent this fake enquiry for advertising multiple times, mainly for deindexing websites , so there is no point in sending website lists, since no advertising will be purchased

Our editorial team are currently writing content on behalf of a major
industry-leading client seeking to grow their digital presence via quality
channels that offer a valuable resource to their audience.


Your website @.com offers the high standard we are pursuing on behalf of
our client and we would appreciate the opportunity to create a piece of
sponsored content for your readership.


Our content is created to a high standard, and in a way that will genuinely
resonate with relevant audiences. We will include images and citations in
order to ensure that the content offers genuine value to your site, and a
natural fit for readers of @.com.


If you are interested in publishing sponsored content on websites or blogs
owned by your company, then please send us more details pertaining to:


· The URLs of sites you have with sponsored content opportunities

· Pricing

· Linking restrictions (nofollow etc)

· Any other restrictions on content or outgoing links


We look forward to your response.


Kind regards,