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NTRO/raw have limited PPC/pop up income for publisher they cheated to less than $0.03/monthly

Since there is almost no writing work,the domain investor is checking different ad networks to monetize traffic to her websites
Everyone agrees that Popup and popunder ad networks are paying far more than CPM ad networks
Yet the domain investor finds that ntro/raw have limited the monthly income from the ad network to less than $0.03 for almost all the ad networks
However many websites are being added, the income is limited to $0.03 monthly for each ad network
While using a CPM network, the income is exceeding $0.03 so the domain investor is trying to figure out why the popup and popunder networks are giving such low revenues is the money diverted to some other publisher
The domain investor cannot login to her popads account where the income is slightly higher indicating extremely high levels of cybercrime.