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Cash-ads only counting unique page views

Due to the extremely high levels of corruption, indian government intelligence employees like panaji goan bhandari raw employee CALL GIRL sunaina chodan refuse to legally purchase domains, instead criminally defame harmless domain investors and then falsely claim to own their domains.
To cover up the domain ownership, financial fraud, the well paid indian government employees are also stealing the advertising revenues from the domain investor who is making great losses due the endless frauds of the indian government, intelligence agencies who cannot be held accountable or taken to court.
After almost all writing work is stolen, the domain investor is trying to make some money using advertising
In the latest examples of how advertising revenues are being ROBBED , the domain investor added the code of cash-ads to her website. Showing widespread fraud in online advertising online few ad views are being recorded and shown in the ad views, they are only counting unique page views. Other ad networks are showing more page views.
It is this tech and internet sector policy of robbing investors which has adversely affected tech, internet companies.