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Despite being extremely rich domain fraudster raw/cbi employees continue to rob advertising revenues from the domain investor making losses

The government work at home fraud since 2010, has made the domain fraudster raw/cbi employees extremely rich, since the cheater top indian tech and internet companies ensure these CIA, MI6 sponsored domain fraudster raw/cbi employees do not have to purchase the domains, do not pay any domain renewal, webhosting expenses, do not any kind of computer work, yet get a monthly government salary only for making FAKE CLAIMS that they own this and other domains of a private citizen who is making great losses,
Showing that few can match the dishonesty and greed of the domain fraudster raw/cbi employees, they are refusing to purchase the domains, refuses to pay domain website expenses, yet being extremely greedy shameless cheaters they are also robbing some of the advertising revenues from the domain investor causing great losses. The domain investor is using multiple ad networks to check the number of visitors
She is finding that there is a very great difference in the page views of the various ad networks for the same websites, indicating that some or a large part of the advertising revenues are being robbed by the well paid greedy government employees . For one ad network she found that it was showing exactly 466 page views on consecutive days indicating that the statistics may be getting manipulated.