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More proof that advertising revenues are being robbed, pageviews not recorded

Increasingly online publishers are finding that their advertising revenues are being robbed , allegedly by well paid government employees
The domain investor has tried Admediatex which is a banner advertising network
When she added 5-6 websites, she was getting 300+ page views and when she had added more than 30 websites the page views do not exceed 600
It appears that well paid greedy government employees are robbing advertising revenues , ensuring that page views are not being recorded accurately
These CORRUPT government employees like indore cheater housewife raw employeee deepika/veena, haryana human monster ruchita kinge do not pay any website expenses, do not any computer work, yet are being allowed to rob advertising revenues from private citizens who are a huge amount amount monthly for domain renewal, website expenses, do not get any salary and making great losses because of the RUTHLESS ROBBER indian government employees robbing their advertising revenue