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Advertising revenues reduced after websites of domain investor blocked for exposing government SLAVERY, financial fraud

Websites of the domain investor blocked in different countries for exposing government SLAVERY, financial fraud reducing advertising revenues
Government agencies allegedly getting countries to block websites of the domain investor for exposing government SLAVERY, financial fraud reducing advertising revenues
Even maidservants, offline workers, prisoners are paid for the work they do, though they work at home. Only in one of the greatest work at home, ONLINE, FINANCIAL FRAUDS, government SLAVERY rackets in the world, top tech and internet companies, indian government agencies are CRIMINALLY DEFAMING harmless hardworking online workers, investors, making fake allegations without any legally valid proof , ROBBING all their data to make fake claims about the lazy greedy relatives and friends of the greedy LIAR top government employees who then get lucrative no work, no investment jobs in the indian internet sector.
After tolerating the criminal defamation for more than 8 years, the domain investor realized that top indian tech and internet companies, government employees are pathological LIARS who hate her and are making completely FAKE ALLEGATIONS without any proof at all, mainly so that they can run their government SLAVERY, FINANCIAL FRAUD of faking domain ownership without being questioned.
Instead of having the grace and humanity to end its FINANCIAL FRAUD, SLAVERY of the single woman engineer, domain investor, purchasing the domains which are mostly available for sale, indian government agencies are getting various countries to block the websites of the domain investor mainly to reduce advertising revenues
The domain investor was surprised to find a massive decrease in page views for one ad network, so she checked the website using geopeeker
She found that the website is not available in Singapore, Brazil, California and Australia, it is only available in Ireland and Virginia , so only 33% of the page views are being recorded ,advertising revenues reduced.