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Greedy goans, scammer sindhis, haryana cheaters have removed almost all online advertising

Though they are getting monthly government salary for faking domain ownership, the greedy fraud raw/cbi employees especially Greedy goans,gujjus, scammer sindhis, haryana khatri cheaters are extremely ruthless in causing great financial losses to the real domain investor, single woman engineer, who they have ruthlessly ROBBED, CHEATED, EXPLOITED for more than 13 years without a legally valid reason, running a massive extortion racket
Now showing how vicious they are in causing losses to the single woman engineer, these fraud raw/cbi employees have also removed almost all the advertising. Even if a new website is added to the network, the website is not accepted and not indexed, though the fraud raw/cbi employees never paid expenses, never did any computer work indicating widespread government fraud in the indian internet sector.
haryana’s top cheater raw employee ruchita kinge is spending more than Rs 1 lakh every month on holidays/vacation, yet she refuses to even spend Rs 10000 monthly to purchase domains, though she gets a monthly government salary only for faking domain ownership