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Cannot add blogs to reputepost due to browser hacking

One of the reasons why the revenues of the domain investor have reduced to a very great extent, is because she often cannot add her blog to guest post networks and even if she adds the blog usually not even one guest post is sold, since the greedy liar cheater raw/cbi employees continue to falsely claim that they own the blogs and domains, though they refuse to legally purchase the domains .
The domain investor cannot add the blogs to the guest post networks, though they have good seo paramaters, usually because the browser is hacked.
Recently the domain investor received a request to join reputepost, she registered and received the password.
Yet after logging in to reputepost, she was not able to add even one blog to reputepost.
The domain investor tried all options to add the blogs, wasting her time, yet she was not able to add a single blog.
This also exposes the malicious dishonesty of the raw/cbi employees, they refuse to purchase the domains legally and also do not allow the domain investor to monetize the domains, hacking the browser, robbing advertising revenues.