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Cable television downtime waste of advertisers money

The television channels have a stake in ensuring that the cable television network is operating properly as the channels are charging based on the number of viewers .
However it is observed, at least in panaji, that often there is a problem with the transmission or operation of the cable network.
One of the most common errors is when the television is showing an error message
For Bhima riddhi digital services, BRDS in panaji, goa , the english news channels like India Today, Republic TV, Times Now, NDTV are usually not available.
Either the display will show an error message or pressing it is extremely difficult to tune to the particular channel.
The channel image and sound is visible for only a few seconds, and then the television screen is becoming blank
NTRO may be hacking the set top box , so that the domain investor cannot watch news, and has to rely on newspapers for the news.