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R&AW/cbi want someone elegant to own the websites, steal advertising revenues, yet elegant greedy raw/cbi employees do not want to take any risk

One of the realities of living in india is that good looking high status well connected women do not have to work very hard, they can easily marry a rich man or get a very good job locally since they are well connected
It is only professionals,investors from poor communities who are CRIMINALLY DEFAMED,CHEATED,EXPLOITED, ROBBED by the greedy rich and powerful communities like the greedy goan bhandaris led by CHEATER chodankar,naik, shameless scammer sindhis, shivalli brahmins, gujjus, goan gsbs, indoris, haryana khatris promoting haryana khatri fraud raw employee ruchita kinge are ruthless, filing fake cases, so the professionals who are forced to work online, often long hours for very less money
It is time that raw/cbi end their great online, financial fraud , government SLAVERY and stop falsely claiming that their lazy greedy CHEATER employees especially greedy goan bhandari raw employee CALL GIRL sunaina chodan are not interested in taking the risk of investing in domains, and leave the real domain investor, a private citizen alone.